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Park Avenue


Rochelle Park, New Jersey

Working alongside the architectural team for BMW North America, Dahn & Krieger was able to conceive a visionary design for this flagship store while keeping with the concept of the BMW design aesthetic. This project involved completely removing the facade of the building from the lower office floors and installing a floor to ceiling curtain wall of glass. A new canopy and wing wall were added to the front entrance of the building and new fin walls were added to each end reaching from the ground up to the roof. A new louvered facade treatment was applied to the brick face of the parking garage and extensive site work took place to the front of the building. At the rear of the building, a new ramp was constructed allowing cars to be driven into the showroom from the upper level of the parking garage.

The interior underwent a complete transformation as well. The entrance lobby was renovated into a light and bright space with a reception and seating area. Within the dealership space, the floor structure was partially removed to create a grand, open, double-height showroom. New interior offices and customer seating areas were made to make the buying experience a pleasure. The structure was transformed into a multi-use building.


In addition to the showroom below, there are now office and medical user tenant spaces on the upper floors including the offices of Dahn & Krieger. All the building's mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems were upgraded to round out this project. 

Size:  24,000 SF

Cost:  $ 3,250,000

Project Type: Commercial 

Completion date:  2018

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