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The Offices of

Dahn & Krieger

Rochelle Park, New Jersey

After over 20 years at our previous location, Dahn & Krieger has MOVED! Following the total renovation of the former office building at 216 Route 17 North in 2018, we will now be occupying office space on the upper floor. The build-out of our new office included a complete alteration to previously unfinished office space. The office, designed by our principal architects Bill Dahn & Bob Krieger, allow for a collaborative, modern, and innovative working space. It includes a light-filled studio, administrative spaces, a project gallery as well as a cutting edge conference room. In this new space, we look forward to helping our clients realize their design objectives and delivering a quality product in every aspect of our service. 

Size:  2,900 SF

Cost:  $ 3,250,000

Project Type: Commercial 

Completion date:  2018

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