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DaVita Lourdes 

Innova Dialysis 

Mt. Laurel, New Jersey

Our project team worked closely with the property owner to design a new entry lobby and canopy as well as a new attached dialysis center for this health care facility. The construction of the dialysis center consisted of a new 1 story, 14,900 s.f. steel-framed building with metal panel facade elements. The new addition links to the existing building through a newly constructed hallway. 2 new canopy elements were included in this design to form cohesion between the new entry lobby on the existing building and this new addition. The dialysis center interior features a state-of-the-art treatment facility as well as office and administrative spaces. 

Size:  14,900 SF

Cost:  $ 3,250,000

Project Type: Commercial 

Completion date:  2018

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