1. What part of history do you find the most interesting?  The middle ages

  2. Do you have a special project you are currently working on? A skateboard ramp with my son

  3. Favorite hobby? Traveling, mountain biking, snowboarding, gardening

  4. What country would you like to travel to next?  Would love to visit Ireland. Scandinavia also. Lucky to have family in Germany & Switzerland whom we often visit.

  5. What mode of transportation have you never tried?  Space transport. I’ve never been on a rocket ship

  6. What is your favorite daily routine?  Coffee in the morning. Red wine at night

  7. What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?  A vacation home

  8. What is the next skill that you would like to learn really well?  Learn German


Project Manager

Bruce received his Bachelor of Architecture from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Virginia in 1996. For more than 20 years, Bruce has been a project manager for Dahn & Krieger Architects. He is responsible for the design, design development, and construction documentation of projects that vary in scope and scale. His areas of expertise include renovations, alterations, additions, and new construction. He has completed projects ranging in size from 250 to 250,000 square feet.


His experience spans a wide range of areas, from retail, commercial, and residential, to medical, religious, and institutional projects. Bruce also assists Dahn & Krieger’s clients throughout their projects’ bidding and negotiation phases, as well as construction phase services and post-construction administration. Bruce maintains a strong knowledge of CAD applications and is involved with the firm’s quality-control efforts. He continues to further his professional development.


email: bcasey@dahn-krieger.com

tel: (201) 489-8575

216 Route 17 North Suite 203

Rochelle Park NJ 07662



201 489 8575


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