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Entin Road

Parsippany, New Jersey

Dahn & Krieger has worked with the management of this property over several years to do interior tenant fit-outs, subdivisions of existing tenant space, and most recently to do a full lobby, common area, and exterior upgrade. The scope of the lobby and common area upgrades included completely reenvisioning the first-floor lobby, new finishes on the second floor as well as a complete renovation of the common area bathrooms. We also worked with the building's largest tenant to reimagine their reception and entry area directly off the main lobby. In addition to the interior work, we designed new monument signs as well as internally illuminated wall signs that draw the eye from the adjacent highway and are in keeping with the style of the new interior. This building is now a modern workspace that welcomes employees and guests into an upgraded contemporary environment. 

Size:  64,400 SF

Cost:  $ 3,250,000

Project Type: Commercial 

Completion date:  2018

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