1. What mode of transportation have you never tried?  Rocket ship

  2. What is your favorite hobby? Plays with cars

  3. What is your favorite band, song or concert? ABB-At filmore East & The Doors-Live at the Hollywood Bowl

  4. What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?  A 10 car heated garage

  5. What is your favorite family holiday tradition?  Getting the Xmas tree

  6. What part of history do you find the most interesting?  20th Century

  7. Favorite Architect?  Joseph Eichler, Richard Meier, Richard Neutra


email: rkrieger@dahn-krieger.com

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Bob received his B.Arch from Penn State and his M.Arch from Cornell, and has served as a project juror at Penn State and Drexel.  He holds licenses in PA, NJ, MD and CT and is a member of the AIA, NCARB, ICC and USGBC.  Bob’s broad-based educational and varied professional background has prepared him for his role as the firm’s Managing Principal for business and financial operations. 

He has dedicated his career to advancing the firm’s mission of serving clients in a responsive and responsible fashion.  In particular, the knowledge and experience gained in over 35 years of code review and construction administration has positioned Dahn & Krieger as a leader in these areas.  Bob works assiduously to maintain and enhance the resilience and sustainability of this knowledge base through a firm-wide culture of continuous improvement and lifelong learning. 

He also is the co-chair of PSU’s College of Arts & Architecture Philanthropic Council and an active advisor to the College administration and development staff.  Additionally, Bob serves as an admissions committee interviewer for applicants to Cornell’s College of Architecture, Art & Planning.

216 Route 17 North Suite 203

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201 489 8575


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